Confucius once said ‘Many hands make light work.’ Sounds about right for this 1974 Paul McCartney & Wings tune – this one breaks the record for the sheer number of people involved!

I approached Tom Collier (formerly of Grimm Jack, presently a host of Musings, Rants & Guitars on Youtube) about doing a song and he suggested this one. I did the drum programming and bass and sent it to Tom for guitars. I also reached out to Macca fanRich Forman, who supplied the keyboard track, and contacted Billy Kohout (Grimm Jack) to do the lead vocals, which were engineered by Joey Masters (who also added background vocals). Then everything got sent back to me, and I added even more background vocals and did the mix. Here’s the end result, hope you like it.

Let Me Roll It

by Billy Kohout, Tom Collier, Rich Forman & Joey Masters

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